Read the instructions

1. Open this page using CHROME browser on your smartphone

2. Be in a very quiet room. No sounds from outside, fans, street noise, TV, etc…

3. Read these voice tips: Speak clearly and close to the phone, use a warm and confident voice, avoid being monotone, relax and enjoy!

4. When you're ready, scroll down and click on the RECORD icon

4. If your phone asks for permission to use the mic, click ACCEPT

5. Read the poem below in italics, and when you're done, click STOP

6. Repeat as many times as you want, until you're satisfied with your recording.

7. Click DOWNLOAD, and a .WAV file will be downloaded to your phone

8. Go to to fill out your information, and at the bottom you will be able to upload the .WAV file you just recorded.

Good Luck!

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When you come to me, unbidden,
Beckoning me
To long-ago rooms,
Where memories lie.

Offering me, as to a child, an attic,
Gatherings of days too few.
Baubles of stolen kisses.
Trinkets of borrowed loves.
Trunks of secret words,